Auditions and Applications

How do I audition?

There is information on the table right outside Ms. Tuck's room in M8, including audition sheets, character rundown,  and scenes we'll be reading from during auditions.  After picking these up, you will need to sign up for an audition time on the sheets pinned to the bulletin board.  Make sure you show up 5 minutes early on the day of the audition.  You should bring your signed audition form with you to the audition, including any scheduling conflicts you might have.  During auditions there will be about 15 people in the room with you.  Ms Tuck will call volunteers to come up and read together from the pre selected scenes.  You do not need to have someone to read from the scenes with in order to audition.  

There are copies of the scenes that we will be reading from during the auditions available for you to take home.  You do not need to memorize them!  However, you might feel more comfortable auditioning if you know what to expect.

Step 1:

Take a  few scenes you are interested in reading at auditions.


Step 2:

Take an Audition Form.

(Bring it back to auditions signed by a parent.)


Step 4:

Sign up for an audition time in the drama room.

Rehearsals are scheduled for Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 4 until 5:30.  With longer rehearsals during tech week. You must be able to make these rehearsals.  Missed rehearsals due to illness are acceptable, beyond that, pre-approval is needed from Ms. Tuck at the beginning of the rehearsal process to miss any rehearsals. Some smaller roles will rehearse less often, and therefore be needed only once or twice a week until we reach Tech Week.

Auditions will be held in the Drama room, right by the drama board.

What if I want to be on Crew?

Crew applications will be available starting Monday September 20th

Excellent!  There will be application sheets for crew on the Drama Board too.  After auditions I’ll pick crew members from the applicants and post those up with the cast announcements.  People only interested in being on crew, do not need to attend the auditions.

Crew Positions

Costumers- Costumers will help go through the costumes we have and pull the ones that we can use for the show.  They might help add embellishments to hats and jackets, things along those lines.  Costumers will also be responsible for the checking in and out of character’s costume pieces during each performance.  No sewing skills needed, but if you have them, they might help!

Make-up and Hair Crew- Make Up and Hair crew will be small for this play as there isn’t a lot of special make up needs.  There will be some cast members to help out during the show and nightly clean up.

Props Crew- This group will help keep track of all the props that we use in the show, and might help make them.  You will have certain props that you check in and out each night to make sure that nothing goes missing for a performance.  

Set Helpers- If you like painting, this is the position for you.  We’ll spend time painting and putting together the set for the show.  Some Prop Crew and Set Helpers might do both.

Publicity/Concessions- If you want to help out, but can't make a big time commitment this group is a good option for you.  Publicity crew puts posters up around the school or posts about the play on social media.  Concessions helps out on the performance nights.