Cast List for MEAN GIRLS JR!

Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned!  We had so many great auditions and so few spaces to fill.  For those students who are cast in the show as smaller roles and chorus members,  there are still solos and characters with lines that will be filled during the rehearsal process.

Our First Rehearsal will be Monday February 12 from 4 to 5:30 in the Drama Room!

Congratulations to the following students!

Damien -  Katie Ro.

Janis- . Melia La.

Cady-. Loor H.

Regina-  Aditi Wa.

Gretchen-  Keerthana Ra

Karen-  Jeniah Je.

Aaron-  Elliot K-L

Kevin G-  Rohan M.

Ms. Norbury-  Rewa

Mrs. George- Maddie Jo  

Mr Duvall-  Patrick Ke

Martin-   Dayan Lo

Mrs. Heron - Joannah S 

Shane- Patrick St

Lizzi /Sophie Solo in Fearless -  Riya Ag

Caitlyn- Ava A

Teary Girl- Sharene C.

Mathletes Moderator- Nandana G

Chorus Members-

Jake Sc, Aarav, Alice L., Sofia G., Ashwini C, Briana S. Sunaina A, Ray E. Abigail B., Riya V., Kenzie S., Nora B., Anahita, Grace C., Sai K., Thanishka K., Adwika K., Kelsey I., Neola J. V., Sahasra K., Anora R, Pahal D, Cora K., Beatrice I.

Parts that will be filled from chorus

French Teacher, Coach Carr, Rachel , Taylor, Caroline, Mr. Heron

Tony, Marymount Captain, , Sonja, Glenn, Dawn, Gracy, Jason, 

        Mean Girls Crew List

Stage Managers

Shambhavi Adi, Riya Velhal


Sarika Khanal

Clover Madrid

Julia Peil

Noor Muse

Adrienne Ma

London Smith

Max Jones

Grayson Langner

Pranav Kurpad

Sophia Pattillo

Joanna Prince

Sreebhadra Vipin

Rutva Vaishnav

Serena Dosanjh

Anoushka Kumar

Audrey Wickliffe

Mean Girls Character Guide

Damien - Is co-chair of the Student Activities Committee and Janis's best friend. Damien is smart, witty and confident and occasionally serves as the show's narrator should pair well with Janis. Big musical theater nerd.

Audition song-  Where Do You Belong

Janis-  Marches to the beat of her own drum, and with Damien, narrates throughout the show. She is confident, sarcastic and intense.  After a falling out with Regina in middle school she becomes a bit of a social outcast and still holds a grudge against Regina. Damian is her best friend. 

Audition song- I’d Rather Be Me

Cady- Arrives a clueless transfer student but is quickly wrapped up in brutal social politics. At her core Katie is level-headed, self-assured and kind, but when she goes undercover with the Plastics she becomes unrecognizable.  The actress who plays Katie needs to be able to convey both kindness, and some mean girl tendencies she shows after she starts hanging out with the Plastics.

Audition song-  I See Stars

Regina- Regina is the Undisputed queen bee of North Shore High School and she knows it. She's confident, clever and completely unbothered by anyone else's opinion. While Regina purposefully manipulates everyone around he,r at her heart she's just trying to fit in like everyone else. Regina should be an excellent singer.

Audition song- World Burn

Gretchen- Gretchen is Regina's stressed out second in command. as much as Regina appears not to care what people think, Gretchen cares very much, and she’s especially paranoid when it comes to Regina.  She takes the plastics very seriously, and is completely controlled by Regina until Cady comes along.

Audition Song- I See Stars, or Where Do You Belong

Karen-  Third member of the Plastic.  While Karen's lack of intelligence is a running joke throughout the show she sees the other girls more clearly than most other people.  She’s more people smart than book smart.  Karen needs to be played by someone with great comedic timing.

Audition Song- I See Stars

Aaron-  Nice guy who has no idea he’s the high school heartthrob.  Although he doesn’t enjoy the drama of high school politics, he gets used as a bit of a pawn between Cady and Regina.  He genuinely likes Cady and the fact that she isn’t like other girls.  Could be a singing Role, but doesn’t have to be. Currently has a short duet with Cady, could be a speaking part in the song instead.

Can audition with or without singing.  If singing try Whose House Is This, or Where Do You Belong.

Kevin G-  Captain of the Mathletes.  He’s math smart and proud of it.  He’s confident and excitable, and proud of his team.  Kevin G has a big personality and raps instead of sings through the show.

Ms. Norbury-  Cady’s homeroom and calculus teacher, also the head of the Mathletes.  She’s a little sarcastic and a little bit jaded, but only because she seen it all before as a seasoned high school teacher.  Ultimately, she cares a lot about her students and encourages them to be their true selves.  Especially Cady.  Could be a singing Role, but doesn’t have to be.  Currently has a small part in the Mathletes song.

Can audition with or without singing.  If singing, can do any song.

Mrs. George-  Regina’s mom.  She’s desperate to be a cool mom, and just tries way too hard.  This character should be played by someone who will enjoy playing up a cringy role.  Non Singing Role

Mr Duvall-  School Principal, more formal and sincere.  Smaller part.  No solo.

Martin- Kevin G’s Second in Command.  A few spoken lines and a couple short solos.

Mrs. Heron and Mr. Heron-  Have a few small parts, will probably be in student chorus as well.

French Teacher

Coach Carr

Shane-  Super small part, discussed a lot.

Chorus Members-

Taylor, Caitlyn, Rachel, Caroline, Tony, Marymount Captain, Teary Girl, Mathletes Moderator, Sonja, Glenn, Dawn, Gracy, Lizzie, Sophie, Jason,